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March 9 – May 9, 2022

Finalists Eligible for Mysell Prize Posters

Heather Ward

Connectome-Wide Analysis Identifies Treatment Targets for Cognitive Impairment in Individuals at Clinical High Risk for Psychosis Heather Ward, MD Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - Fellow Scientific Abstract Background: Neurocognitive impairment is a...

Ward_Heather poster

Monika Sadlonova

Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy of Perioperative Interventions on Quality of Life, Self-Efficacy, Length of Hospital Stay and Interleukin Levels in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Monika Sadlonova, MD Massachusetts General Hospital -...


Keiko Kunitoki

Impact of Polygenic versus Environmental Risk Factors on ADHD Diagnosis among School Aged Children in the ABCD Study Keiko Kunitoki, MD, MPH Massachusetts General Hospital - Fellow Scientific Abstract Background: Risk for ADHD is associated with both genetic and...


Rotem Dan

Brain-based graph-theoretical predictive modeling to predict transdiagnostic symptoms of anhedonia, mania, and impulsivity at the individual level Rotem Dan, PhD McLean Hospital - Fellow Scientific Abstract Background: Discriminating between unipolar and bipolar...

DAN_ROTEM poster

Nataliia Kozhemiako

Mapping Typical and Altered Neurodevelopment with Sleep Macro and Microstructure Nataliia Kozhemiako, PhD Brigham and Women's Hospital - Fellow Scientific Abstract Background: Sleep macro and microstructure has been suggested to reflect brain changes that support...

Kozhemiako_Nataliia poster

Hyeonmin Ahn

Alteration of hypothalamus functional connectivity related to change in cortisol following psychosocial stress in Major Depression Disorder Hyeonmin Ahn, PhD Brigham and Women's Hospital - Fellow Scientific Abstract Background Exposure to psychosocial stress...

Ahn_HyeonMin poster

Finalists Eligible for Solomon Prize Posters

Scott Lee

Mapping Consent Practices for Outpatient Psychiatric Use of Ketamine Scott Lee, MD VA Boston Healthcare System - Resident Scientific Abstract Background: Psychiatric applications of ketamine have gained traction in the last two decades, contributing to the FDA...

Scott Lee poster

Nichola Haddad

A Personalized, Telehealth Music Therapy Intervention for Lonely Older Adults: A Pilot Study Nichola Haddad, MD  Brigham and Women's Hospital - Resident Scientific Abstract Background: Music listening interventions have been shown to reduce late-life depression and...

Haddad_Nichola poster

Amanda Koire

Virtual(ly) No Support: Associations between Virtual Support Group Participation and Peripartum Mental Health Outcomes during the COVID-19 Pandemic Amanda Koire, MD, PhD Brigham and Women's Hospital - Resident Scientific Abstract Background: Prior to the COVID-19...

KoireAmanda poster

Trainees Posters

Philine Rojczyk

Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration among Veterans: Associations with Limbic Microstructure Philine Rojczyk, MS Brigham and Women's Hospital - Visiting PhD Student Scientific Abstract Background Intimate partner violence (IPV) perpetration, such as psychological...

Rojczyk_Philine poster

Michal McDowell

Substance use disorder treatment in sexually and gender diverse people Michal McDowell, MD, MPH MGH/McLean Adult Psychiatry Residency Training Program - Resident Scientific Abstract Background: The purpose of this study is to assess differences in substance use...

Michal McDowell poster

Dalton Bourke

Diagnosis and Treatment of Down Syndrome Disintegrative Disorder in an Inpatient Setting Dalton Bourke, MD Boston Children's Hospital - Fellow Scientific Abstract Background: Down Syndrome Disintegrative Disorder (DSDD) is a condition of increasing importance and...

Bourke_Dalton poster

Joseph Bond

Case Report of the Safe Administration of Electroconvulsive Therapy for Catatonia in a Patient with Fragile X Syndrome and Neuropsychiatric Lupus Joseph Bond, MD, MPH MGH/McLean Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency - Resident Scientific Abstract Background: We...

Bond_Joseph poster

Anjeli Macaranas

The Associations Between COVID-19-Related Direct and Vicarious Racial Discrimination and Psychological Distress Among U.S. College Students Anjeli Macaranas, BA Candidate Brigham and Women's Hospital - Undergraduate Research Assistant Scientific Abstract...


Sara Snyder

East African Community (EAC) Rorschach Performance Assessment System (RPAS): Training & Feasibility Study Sara Snyder, PsyD, MPH, MA Cambridge Health Alliance - Fellow Scientific Abstract Background: Since the 2007 inception of the global mental health field,...

Snyder_Sara poster

Faculty/Staff Posters

Rudra Patel

Does sleep disruption explain sleep-dependent memory consolidation deficits in schizophrenia? Rudra Patel, BS Massachusetts General Hospital - Research Assistant Scientific Abstract Background: Sleep spindles are defining oscillations of NREM stage 2 (N2) sleep....


Katherine Grimes

Impact of Integrated Care on Thoughts of Self-Harm for BIPOC Katherine Grimes, MD, MPH Cambridge Health Alliance - Faculty Scientific Abstract Background: Despite high need, only 1/5 U.S. children with MH/SUD needs receives treatment. Poverty, violence and other...

Katherine Grimes edited

Tanvi Lakhtakia

Acceptability and Accessibility of a Smartphone Mental Health App Amongst Schizophrenic Populations Tanvi Lakhtakia, BA Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - Research Assistant Scientific Abstract Background: Digital technology can offer naturalistic, momentary...


Sean Stetson

Psychopharmacology of Agitation in Acute Psychotic and Manic Episodes Sean Stetson, MD VA Boston Healthcare System - Faculty Scientific Abstract Background To provide updated guidance for the medication treatment of acute agitation in the setting of psychosis or...


Justine Chen

Manual Praxis, Language, Handedness, and Their Links to White Matter Structure Justine Chen, BA Brigham and Women's Hospital,Massachusetts General Hospital - Research Assistant Scientific Abstract Background: Early work suggested a strong association between...


Francesca Fortenbaugh

Hearing the Noise in the System: Tinnitus and Reduced Connectivity Within and Across Neural Networks in Post-9/11 Veterans Francesca Fortenbaugh, PhD VA Boston Healthcare System - Faculty Scientific Abstract Background: Tinnitus is common among veterans with blast...

Fortenbaugh_Francesca poster

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