Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: The TestMyBrain Digital Neuropsychology Toolkit

Shifali Singh, PhD

McLean Hospital – Fellow

Scientific Abstract

Background: To allow continued administration of neuropsychological evaluations remotely during the pandemic, tests from the not-for-profit platform, (TMB), were used to develop the TMB Digital Neuropsychology Toolkit (DNT). This study details the psychometric characteristics of the DNT, as well as the infrastructure and development of the DNT.

Methods: The DNT was primarily distributed for clinical use, with (72.8%) of individuals requesting access for clinical purposes. To assess reliability and validity of the DNT, anonymous data from DNT test administrations were analyzed and compared to a large, non-clinical normative sample from TMB.

Results: DNT test scores showed acceptable to very good split-half reliability (.68-.99). Factor analysis revealed three latent factors, corresponding to processing speed, working memory, and a broader general cognitive ability factor that included perceptual reasoning and episodic memory.   Average test scores were slightly poorer for the DNT sample than for the TMB comparison sample, as expected given the clinical use of the DNT.

Conclusions: Initial estimates of reliability and validity of DNT tests support their use as digital measures of neuropsychological functioning. Tests within cognitive domains correlated highly with each other and demonstrated good reliability and validity. Future work will seek to validate DNT tests in specific clinical populations and determine best practices for using DNT outcome measures to assess engagement and psychological symptomatology.


Live Zoom Session – March 9th

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Shifali Singh, PhD, Roger Strong, PhD, Laneé Jung, BA, Frances Haofei Li, EdM, Liz Grinspoon, PhD, Luke Scheuer, BA, Eliza Passell, BA, Paolo Martini, PhD, Naomi Chaytor, PhD, ABPP-CN, Jason Soble, PhD, ABPP-CN, Laura Germine, PhD

Principal Investigator

Laura Germine, PhD

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