LAMP Platform: Research and Clinical Use of Digital Phenotyping with Patient-Generated Health Data

Aditya Vaidyam, MS

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – Research Assistant

Scientific Abstract

Background: As more patients today are using smartphones and consumer wearable devices that generate clinically useful data for personal health, there is a need to integrate this patient-generated health data (PGHD) towards personalized and preventative care. Today, technical and organizational limitations, including a lack of standards and easy-to-use tools, preclude the effective use of this PGHD in research and clinical settings.

Methods: The LAMP Platform addresses these challenges of enhancing clinical insight, supporting research and data analysis, and effective implementation efforts, packaged all-together as a freely accessible open-source solution and developed in partnership with patients and providers. It integrates foundational mobile and semantic web standards (such as HTTP 2.0, REST, JSON, JSON Schema, OpenAPI) with modern interactivity standards (such as HTML5 and Vega) and robust security compliance standards (TLS 1.3, AES-256).

Results: The LAMP Platform enables interoperability with existing healthcare systems through FHIR and connects consumer wearables and services such as Apple HealthKit and Google Fit. It provides a simplified programming interface (API) and a novel data representation that captures more insight as metadata. Its companion data analysis and machine learning toolkit (Cortex) offers robust support for interactive visualizations, behavioral features, and high-performance data processing (by utilizing parallelization and vectorization techniques) towards just-in-time adaptive interventions.

Conclusions: The LAMP Platform integrates patient and provider feedback with a standards-based approach to provide customizable and flexible components that can adapt to a wide range of use-cases for common clinical or research needs and workflows. From simple survey-based research to multimodal data captured across many international sites to just-in-time adaptive interventions delivering personalized mindfulness exercises, the LAMP Platform enables the effective research and clinical use of PGHD today.

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Aditya Vaidyam, MS, John Torous, MD

Principal Investigator

John Torous, MD

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