Precision Psychiatry on Inpatient Psychiatric Units: Utilizing Electronic Patient-Reported Measures to Characterize Patient Symptoms and Improvement

Savannah Layfield, BA

McLean Hospital – Research Assistant
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Scientific Abstract

Background: Self-report measures can assist in personalizing patient care and monitoring patient outcomes. The present work aims to characterize the symptom severity, comorbidity prevalence, and symptom improvement of patients admitted to Mclean Hospital’s Division of Depression and Anxiety Disorders adult psychiatric inpatient units who completed a battery of self-reports during their admission. 

Methods: Participants (n = 562) admitted to three inpatient units at McLean Hospital for treatment of depression and anxiety participated in the Clinical Measurements Initiative between September 2020 and September 2021. The QIDS-SR, GAD-7, and BASIS24 were administered 48-hours from admission and discharge. The MSI-BPD, PCL-5, and a substance use screener assessed potential comorbidities. Statistical analyses were performed with RStudio 4.1.1.

Results: At admission, depressive (53.4%) and anxiety symptom severity (49.3%) were predominantly in the ‘severe’ or ‘very severe’ range. Per the MSI-BPD, 26.9% of patients screened positive for borderline personality disorder. The PCL-5 suggested that 25.3% met DSM-5 PTSD criteria. Alcohol-use indicative of hazardous drinking was reported by 49.1% of participants. GAD-7 scores (t(425) = 25.67, p<.001), QIDS-SR16 scores (t(426) = 26.25, p<.001), and BASIS24 scores (t(436) = 26.46, p<.001) significantly decreased from admission to discharge. 

Conclusions: This work points to the utility of patient-reported measures in an inpatient psychiatric setting and profiles one inpatient population’s psychiatric symptoms, comorbidities, and outcomes. Future analysis will investigate how characteristic phenotypes are related to differing treatment outcomes.

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Savannah Layfield, BA, Lucie Duffy, BS, Samantha Wong, BS, Fernando Rodriguez-Villa, MD, Steven Gelda, MD, Eliot Gelwan, MD Kerry Ressler, MD, PhD, Agustin Yip, MD, PhD

Principal Investigator

Agustin Yip, MD, PhD; Kerry Ressler, MD, PhD

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